So this is going to be just a short little post today. But I wanted to share my own personal story with you and how I got motivated to exercise. As a baby I was a chunk.... and I mean a CHUNK!!!! And growing up I never really lost that baby fat. In elementary school I was teased a lot. I couldn't run as fast as the other kids, so they laughed.... I couldn't play on the monkey bars, so they laughed..... My thighs barely fit going down the slides, and again they laughed. In middle school I was usually one of the last when running the mile, I was always the last to the end of the field when playing sports and I always felt so uncomfortable in health class when we got to the section on nutrition and being healthy. I remember one day freshmen year in Mr. Dillon's LA class some boys who sat behind me were laughing at how big my arms were, again I was usually last and the slowest when running and in sports and I sometimes would get winded when I would run up the stairs in a rush to class. 

     I never really told anyone this because I was always so embarrassed. But it's what happened after freshmen year that I am proud of. Freshmen year of High School I was something like 179-185 pounds. Sophomore year I decided to change that. I signed up for an aerobics class and I was determined to change my health and become more fit; and if I lost a few pounds while doing it and went a few jeans sizes down then HEY I wasn't going to complain. I worked my absolute hardest in that class, my teacher often pulled me aside to tell me how well I was doing- this just further motivated me. Next year I took the class again and again I loved it. Senior year I took a dance and conditioning class and this was when I discovered that fitness can be fun! I also discovered ZUMBA this year and I fell in love with that. I have tried running, hiking, trail running, biking, weights, ZUMBA, aerobics, pilates, dance work outs, kick boxing, yoga and so many others.

    So where did I get my inspiration from? Honestly for me it was hearing the comments from others, being embarrassed for being a size 14. For you it might be that you want to tone up your arms, be able to play out in the yard with your little kidlets without becoming winded, not feeling exhausted just from carrying in the weeks groceries or wanting to go on a romantic summer hike to watch the sunset from atop a mountain with your sweetheart. What ever your inspiration is make sure its something you want. If you want to workout more and loose weight simply because it sounds like a good idea or because you think it would be cool to shrink a size or two then you most likely wont keep it up. You want something that you honestly truly want to work towards, something that will keep you moving forward when it gets hard and you hit a "plateau." Ways to do this could be in setting small goals for yourself. EXAMPLE: I wanted to able to run from the mailbox and back in less then 3 minutes, that's a little over 1/4 a mile. so I would speed walk it for 2-3 days, then I would jog it, and slowly speed up from there. Eventually when I felt I could do it easily I broke out the stop watch and started timing myself. Eventually I did and I celebrated! Thats another thing, reward yourself and tell yourself "GOOD JOB!!!!" Let yourself know that you are doing good and accept the acknowledgments from others. 

     Find a buddy. Maybe a family member would like to work with you, or a friend or maybe the mother in your ward who had a baby 2 months ago and is now ready to start working off that baby fat. There is always someone who is willing to work with you supporting you and encouraging you to keep moving forward. 

     Dont compare yourself to others!!!! That has always been one of my biggest downfalls but I did as Uchtdorf told us to do. When I compared myself to others I would say "STOP IT!"

     I promise you that working out is never going to be easy 100% of the time. I have hit multiple roadblocks. There were so many times when I would loose 8-9 pounds and then  I would gain some of it back. There were days I was tired, or "not feeling well", or there was something more fun to do or it suddenly got harder. But I found a end point I wanted, and I wanted it bad enough I kept working towards it. It may have taken me till I was 19 to get a body I am comfortable with, to finally realize that I am pretty and I have worth.... but I did it. And it may have taken me 4 1/2 years to reach my goal of loosing weight but I am proud to say I have gone from the 185 pound girl who wore size 14 jeans to a size 7 and glorious 153 pounds! Honestly this is all just personal knowledge and it really may mean nothing in the world of fitness, but I want you to know that you are not alone when you wake up and say "I just dont feel like working out today" and you are def. not alone when you find yourself wishing to be skinnier or more fit. Keep moving forward and know that you can do!!!!!

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