All of the pictures today are from my sister's engagement pictures. She asked me to take them, I had so much fun because they are just too too cute together. I absolutely loved them all, but here are a few of my favorites- they are all just so precious and sweet :)
     I will just come right out and say it- I am a sappy romantic kind of girl! I love nothing more than spending my Saturday nights in pj's with a box of tissues, chocolate, girl friends and a good chick flick! I love to gab with my sisters and roomies about boys and dating. I love to hear how couples met and how he proposed and all about their wedding day- oh and let us not forget the cute/funny/embarrassing first kiss stories. I simply love love!!!!! I was lucky and got the cutest parents, they love each other so very much and they still act like they were just married yesterday. My dad calls my mom at the very least once a day to check in and tell her that he loves her. My mom surprises my dad with cleaning his work shed and she brings him lunches at work. They will stay up late at night laying in bed talking about everything under the stars and then do the same thing in the wee hours of the morning. They go to the grocery store together to "stand in the produce section to gaze off into the distance at the star-fruit" (my dad's exact words). I mean really they are so adorable and good for each other. My sister followed in their footsteps and married an amazing young man and they too are so cute together, so gentle to each other and always showing affection for the other. They do everything together!!!! 
    These stories are an inspiration to me to someday find my own Mr. Right but I have realized that in order to find my own prince charming I have to date and be careful. "A date is a planned activity that allows a young man and young woman (or husband and wife) to get to know each other better. In cultures where dating is acceptable, it can help you learn and practice social skills, develop friendships, have wholesome fun," (taken from For the Strength of Youth pamphlet) but I would even like to add that it is a time to find what works well with you and discover more about yourself. I also realize that it is important in dating even after you are married.
     In Successful Marriages and Families: Proclamation Principles and Research Perspectives, It talks a great deal about nurturing love and friendship. "What can married couples do to nurture love and friendship?.... Get in sync with your partner's love preferences. Find out how your partner likes to receive love and then do those things often.... Talk as friends. Sometimes our couple conversation is all about the business of life: the job, the kids, problems. Of course, these things need to be handled, but it is also important to make time to simply talk as friends..... Set goals for couple interaction. 
  • Respond to bids for attention, affection, humor, or support. An announcement of "I've had a rotten day" can be met with an acknowledgement of feeling ("I'm sorry to hear that"), a hug, and an invitation to talk more about it. 
  • Make an effort to do everyday activities together, such as reading the mail or making the bed.
  • Have a stress-reducing reuniting at the end of a busy day to see how things went, and listening to and validating one another.
  • Keep track of how well you are connecting emotionally with each other, and make enhancements when necessary.
     I strongly believe that when you continue to date after marriage you are renewing that love and strengthening your feelings for each other. And did you know that there are some serious health benefits to being in love? YES there totally is.... and believe me they are the good kinds of health benefits. 
  1. It may bolster your immune system.
  2. It can make you physically fit. 
  3. It might help you live longer. 
  4. It may clear up your skin. 
  5. It can improve your heart heath. 
  6. It can reduce feelings of pain. 
  7. It can regulate your menstrual cycle. 
  8. It can improve your mental well-being. 
Now arnt those some pretty sweet health benefits.
     So today is "Monday Me Day" and you are probably wondering why I am talking about dating, strengthening your love as a couple. and the health benefits of being in love. Well it's very simple- its a fun subject to talk about and when we are in a relationship that we love then we are more happy. At stake conference one of the speakers said "Being in a relationship you like is fun." If we love the relationships we are in then wont we just love the life that we are living, wont that make the dirty diapers and screaming children more bearable after a sleepless night, wont that just be the icing on an already delicious cake? God gave us love because it's fun and it just makes life so lovely. So for my message to you today I want to encourage you to go out and have fun, love your husband, love your boyfriend, love love and love your life. (now with all that love I must sound like a hippie!) So go out and live the cutest love story there ever was!!!!! Because I know I am- someday I will tell you my cute love story :) (but let me just say only 7 1/2 months)
11/5/2012 16:36:10

Thanks Kayla. I love you

Aunt Nancy
11/6/2012 11:37:05

You Are so beautiful.

11/6/2012 12:42:24

Thank you Kayla. You are wise beyond your years. What a wonderful reminder to not take that love for granted. It brings to mind a quote from a song "happily ever after is the way we get through" Finding love is only the beginning. Living is a the joy.


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