Audrey Hepburn said that in all her life she has discovered that the women she found were most happy were the prettiest ones. Now some say that only the girls that are pretty are ever happy- but what's so wrong with believing that you are one of those girls? As women we typically want to shy away from the compliments and we really never go around with the attitude that "oh I look so pretty today." But Audrey Hepburn, a woman who has been noted for years for her beauty and grace said herself that those who are the happiest are the ones who know they are pretty. When we can walk out that front door every day with that solid belief that we are all beautiful in our own way we truly do shine in ways that can not be faked.  
     One way you can realize our own beauty could be by pampering yourself and giving back to your body. It's proven that a woman that treats her body right and pampers herself is more relaxed, has less wrinkles and dark circles under our eyes (now dont we all want that) as well as has more confidence in her own skin.  Who doesnt like a little pampering, some cucumbers, green face masks, wax baths for the hands, scalp and back massages and wonderful foot baths. I know I DEFIANTLY LOVE ALL OF THIS!!!!!!! I love me some good old home spa nights and self pamperings. One night after you have put all the kids to bed, or on a Sunday afternoon when your husband could play with the kids for an hour or two take the time to pamper yourself and become connected with your inner beauteous self!!!!!  Here are a few tips to consider:
Cucumbers- it has long been said that cucumbers are a refreshing veggie that has the magical powers to reduce the swelling around the eyes as well as lessen the dark circles. It also soothes and smoothes (totally made that word up but when you say the two together it just sounds better :) the skin around the eyes. You could literally do this trick while the kids are at school for 10-15 minutes or while laying in bed at night before you fall asleep.
Candles: When you decide to give yourself a me night (or even if you do this in the middle of the day for 25 minutes while the kids are at school) create a fun relaxing environment. But on some good tunes- like Michael Bubble his voice is pampering enough for me!!!!! Dim the lights to ease the stress on the eyes, light some yummy smelling candles. This is relaxing because one it appeals to your smelling senses and makes you feel happy. And two is romantic and soothing.  Lets face it its just fun to be in a candle lit room every once in a while.

Take a bubble bath!!!!- LOVE TO DO THIS!!!! Did you know that something as simple as a bubble bath is beneficial to both your mental and physical health???? Bet'cha didn't .... dont feel bad I just found this out. Taking a bubble bath is very soothing to the skin- it leaves your skin very smooth and soft (like a baby's behind) as well as creates an easier surface to exfoliate. It also pulls all of your focus on yourself. It's not healthy to only think about yourself every second of the day but neither is it good to neglect yourself all the time. Take this time to really relax, soften your skin, get pruney fingers and focus on YOU!!!!!
     Comb your hair- now either you could comb your own hair and play with it or you could teach your little girls what gentle is and feels like and then let them practice being gentle with your hair. For some odd reason playing with your hair feels so good and is a great stress reliever.
     Living a well balanced life doesnt just mean staying on top of things, being organized, being happy and checking off every box on your list for that day- it also means focusing on you. When I was in the hospital being treated for depression I learned about the "Me Pie" apparently there are certain things that I need to have in my day to day routines to stay mentally and physically healthy. The doctor drew a circle and called it "My Daily Pie" one by one he sectioned off pieces of my pie for school, homework, family, church, work, chores, friends, etc. But when he was done there was a pretty large chunk left. I asked him what that was for and he said "This part of the pie is for you to enjoy" (no pun intended) He talked about how humans become so involved in work, school, activities and others that we dont spend time working on ourselves and relaxing. We work work work and save nothing for ourselves leaving us mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally drained. This causes stress, lack of sleep, frustration, loss of temper, and lots of break downs. We need to enjoy the pie and not just give it all out- I mean hey it is our pie!!!! This could include reading a good book, laughing with a friend, doing yoga, cooking, drawing, dribbling a basketball or running a mile or two. Or maybe its enjoying a whole chocolate bar all to ourselves or doing a little home pampering :) 
     Your pie is so yummy and you have shared it with so many that have loved partaking of your sweetness- dont forget to take some of your pie today..... because what you have to offer truly is delicious :)

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    Kayla Morrill

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