(These are pictures of my own loving mother)
     The ability to love is defined by how one asserts, expresses, and defines his or her importance, and the importance of others, in intimate as well as non-intimate relationships. Love is defined as the ability to be emotionally available to self and others, especially in times of need that is, when loved ones are hurting or are fearful or being hurt- without requirements of performance, perfection, problem-solving, or production. Thus, the ability to love requires a combination of a sense of self-worth or personal security plus intimate regard for others.
(Successful Marriages and Families: Proclamation Principles and Research Perspectives- Chapter 1)
     When a child wakes in the middle of the night crying and is scared, when it is cold and dark our Father in Heaven is there to to comfort and protect us, but he cannot be there to physically wipe the tears from our eyes, wrap his arms around the child and rock him back to sleep. When that child comes running home from school because the cute boy or girl in class just smiled at them and they are giddy to tell someone, our Father in Heaven is there to smile and listen to our excitement. When that child is stressed about a test or project and is working late into the night, our Father in Heaven will stay up all through then night watching over that child. When that child is standing in line anxiously awaiting their diploma our Father in Heaven is there in the front row smiling and sending rays of sunshine into our lives saying "Well done my child, I am so proud of you." When we have just lost a job or a loved one he is there to cry and mourn with us. When that child finds their one true love and gets married and then brings a child into this world he is there to again cry tears of joy and celebrate these joyous occasions with us. Our Father in Heaven is there for us always because he loves us and he is there to share every moment with us, but he can not be here for us physically. This is why he sent us mothers.

     Mother's have the ability to love like no one else, they can look into your eyes and and know exactly what you are thinking and feeling, they can walk up to a crying child and know just what the right thing is to do to calm their tears and sooth their worries. Mother's can wrap their arms around a child and make them feel like they are the most special person in the whole world and share the perfect love of God with everyone they meet. 

     My mother is my very best friend. I remember many times coming to her in tears and she would place me on the counter and clean my scraped up knees, she would patiently assist me in making homemade bread and cookies, she would play games with me for hours on end, she would be there at the bus stop to listen to my every story as soon as I stepped of the bus, she would shop with me, and listen to my boy stories. My mom taught me how to work, play, laugh, cry and love. My mom has suffered through the hardest of trials with me and been there in the front row cheering me on as I achieved my goals and made great successes in my life. She is always there to talk on the phone with me after a stressful week in college and this next week she will be there like she always has been when I come home for Thanksgiving. My Father in Heaven loved me so much that he gave me the very best person for me to be my Mother, and he did the same thing for each and everyone of his children. Mother's are the hands of God in raising a child when God cannot physically be there, they are those warm kisses and those soft strong arms to wrap up in in both the happy and sad times.
.......and Mother's watch over us from here on earth......

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