I saw this little cartoon the other day and I thought it was pretty cute and I wanted to use it in my blog. But before I show you the cartoon I would like you to think about how you first viewed the day when you woke up this morning. When I woke up this morning my first thought was "Today is the day I am going home!!!!!" But maybe yours was "Uggggg can I just sleep one more hour?" or what about "My bed is so warm and soft I dont want to leave it." or did you jump out of bed and welcome the new day? Then what did you think about yourself when you first looked in the mirror? When I looked in the mirror I kind of laughed because my hair dried really funny in my sleep and then I thought "Well good thing I woke up on time today (which hasn't happened the last couple of weeks) because this will take a while to make presentable." Was your comments ones of love and respect or did you kind of groan and roll up your nose at your reflection? 

      When I was a kid I had this favorite book about a pig, the story is about her daily routines, she talks about how when she would get up she would immedietly go over to her mirror smile and say "Hey Good Lookin'!" Honestly this is a lovely thought and something that kind of makes me chuckle, but how many of us welcome each day like this? I know I dont always do this, in fact I only do that when I know that it will be a great day..... but funny things is- Arnt I the one that decides which day is a good day and which ones are not? So when I start my day off with a groan and pressing the snooze button on my phone three and four times, am I really welcoming a great day or am I setting a low tone for my day?
     In this picture you see a sad Caterpillar today, but tomorrow he is a happy and beautiful Butterfly. I absolutely believe that we must not lose a hope for what tomorrow might bring- but I also believe we must not lose faith in the present. There is this quote I heard a few years back and it went something like, If we keep looking for tomorrow we will find that we have a bunch of empty yesterday's. You know maybe we so focused on tomorrow and what the future has to bring that we arent enjoying today! In a conference talk one of the apostles brought up the importance of the here and now, he said that there is a reason why it is called the Present because each moment is a present from our Father in Heaven. 

     So where am I going with all this? 

          I want to share the great importance in a single moment, and the great blessing it is to live each and every day. Today is truly a blessing from our God above and he wants us to enjoy it to its fullest! Tomorrow try waking up and instead of groaning and pushing the snooze button try getting on your knees and saying "Thank you", try walking up to the mirror and say "Hey Good Lookin' !" or maybe try doing a cheesy smile and winky face. Dont be like the Caterpillar in the picture, so unhappy with your life today that all you can dream about is tomorrow. Everything happens in the Lord's time so enjoy it...... enjoy it all and eventually your wings will come.
Here is another cute little cartoon that always makes me chuckle :

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