Once there was a Jewish orphan named Ester. She was raised by her uncle, Mordecai, and he loved her very much. One day the fair young maidens in the kingdom were gathered in the palace where they were prepared to meet the king and be considered to become a queen.

     After months of preparation, every maiden came unto the king. In the kingdom there were many rules, and one of the rules was that no one could talk to the king unless he called for her by name. The penalty for breaking this rule was death. so each of the maidens waited in the palace until her name was called. When it was Esther's turn she went up unto the king. He loved Esther above all women, and so he made her the queen! 

     One day a terrible thing happened, the king's advisor, Haman, who was a very bad man convinced the king to sign a decree that called for all the Jews in the land to be killed. Queen Esther was afraid for Mordecai and for all of her people. She didn't  know what to do, so she sent for Mordecai. He told her to tell the king that she was a Jew and ask him to save her people. But she was scared- remember she was not allowed to just go talk to the King, if she did without permission she was libel to be killed. Mordecai knew this, and loved her dearly. He didnt want to send her into any danger but still, he gave her great counsel: "Who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?" (Esther 4:14) Now, that may have been true, but it didnt make it less scary. After much searching and pondering she asked the Jews to fast for her as she too fasted for strength and guidance.
     Queen Esther decided to be brave and fulfill her divine mission, knowing that it might mean she would die. On the third day of fasting and praying, Esther put on her fancy, royal clothing and stood in the inner court of the king's house while the king sat upon his royal throne. When the king saw Esther, standing all dressed up in the middle of the court, he remembered how much he loved her, and raised his golden scepter. Esther came to him and touched the top of the scepter, and she was allowed to speak without being put to death. Esther talked to the king, she told him she was a Jew and begged him to save her life and the life of her people. then Esther told the king that his servant was a wicked man. So Haman, the evil man, was put to death and Esther and her people were saved.

     Today we are lucky that we don't have to deal with trials like what Queen Esther was faced with but we each have a divine mission to fulfill. The Lord knows exactly who he wants us to be, if we only listen to the promptings of the Spirit we will be guided in the direction we need to go. Part of our mission might include life-changing events just like Queen Esther' had. But most often we will fulfill our mission in the actions we perform every day. I have learned that if I pray every morning, expressing my willingness to be on the Lord's errand and do his will, He will give me a mission to perform that day. Someday's its to smile through the hard times (we never do realize just how far a smile can go in the lives of those around us) or deliver yummy chocolate chip cookies to ladies in my relief society, or maybe its staying up till midnight talking and laughing with my roommates after they have had a rough day. More often than not, the action we are called upon to perform will require us to make a decision- we have to decide whether or not we will do it. Sometimes we might be scared to talk to someone new. Or maybe we feel like we don't have time in our schedule for what the Lord is asking. It can be hard to decide if we are willing to fulfill the Lord's mission for us that day. But I have learned that when I do what the Lord asks me to do, He gives me the opportunity to be a part of small miracles in the ordinary moments of life.

 Spencer W. Kimball told us that "God does notice us, and he watches over us. But it is usually through another person  that he meets our needs."

      One of the most noteworthy characteristics of a Queen is that she is loving towards those she is watching over. As women we can show love as well as compassion and service to those we are around daily. We can listen to the small promptings of the Spirit and act upon them. When we do this we are paving ourselves a golden path towards our eternal destiny of being Heavenly Princesses and Queens.


You were born to be a Queen

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Beautiful post Kayla, I needed to hear this today. Love ya


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