I wanted to apologize for being so off an on with my posts the last couple of weeks. With the Holiday's, and the fast approaching end of the semester I feel like I have been so swamped with homework, different school events and studying for finals that I have neglected posting on my blog. AND I FEEL TERRIBLE!!!! I wanted to let y'all know that I haven't forgotten you and I think about you daily. I think about the messages I want to send to you and how I want to do it, and what cute pictures I could be posting but just never get around to doing it. But since I have been so bad at posting this week I wanted to leave y'all a little note to hopefully uplift you through this weekend. 

     When I was really deep in my depression my normal morning started with a groan and a flood of negative thoughts. My counselor at the time talked me into starting a gratitude journal. I bought myself a little note book and had it on my night stand., Every morning and every night after my prayers I would like 5 things I was grateful for. At first I only did it because that's what my counselor told me to do and I was really only following her wishes for my parents sake. But in time I found myself truly grateful for the things in my life. Recognizing the blessings in your life can honestly be a day changer and help you to realize just how lucky you are. 

     Practicing kindness could be as simple as a smile :)
I saw this picture and it made me chuckle! I just love it!!!!!
     I really do love the last point -Just breath! In times of stress and business, its hard to remember to just take a step back and breath, but often times that can be the thing that can help you have the energy to make it through. So this weekend as you are busy with errands, friends, families and house work. follow this check list and when you feel over loaded or like you dont have the time to finish all you need to do. Please set down whatever is in your hands, take a step back and just breath. :) I am praying for you all and I really do love each and everyone of you. Please keep trying and dont give up. I am here to help you through and I promise you that your Father in Heaven is there for you as well. 

     Enjoy your weekend :)

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    Kayla Morrill

    I am so glad that you are visiting my blog!!!! I have created this blog in hopes to uplift women from all backgrounds and remind you that you are a daughter of a Heavenly King, you have a divine heritage and you have the potential to do many marvelous things in this life as well as the life to come.. I believe in the worth of women and I want all women to embrace life and recognize the blessing that they are.

    I love you all so very much!!!


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