My Aunt Paige & Uncle Steven at Table Rock in Boise
The Proclamation teaches that it is essential to our Eternal Father's plan that His children 'obtain a physical body and gain earthy experience'. 

God gave us this amazing opportunity to come down to earth, and with that privilege we have been given a body. But like everything living we cannot just accept this gift and then not take care of it. Like a plant it would become unhealthy and eventually start dying. Our bodies need constant nourishment and we need to stay healthy.  

    The proclamation teaches 'that the family is central to the Creator's plan for the eternal destiny of His children.' Some ways that we can stay active and healthy can be through spending time with our families. We can go on hikes, we can play ball or frisbee in the front yard, garden, we can go jump in puddles or jump rope, go on walks to the mail box or around the neighborhood, go on bike rides, or hike out to a pretty destination and have a lunch, rake the leaves in the yard, go swimming in a lake. These are some of my families favorite things to do. Growing up I remember many times going on Sunday walks after dinner, laying out under the stars in August, timing ourselves to see how long it took us to walk around a local mall. Activities like these are not only beneficial to your own physical health but they are crucial to keeping a healthy family. These activities may seem minimal and some cheesy but for my family they were an opportunity to talk and grow together. 

Family Reunion Summer 2012- Hiking Table Rock in Boise, ID
     I know that some of these little activities dont burn major calories nor do they shed the pounds.... BUT they set an example for your children at a young age to stay active. It gets you moving and it is a great starting point for anyone who is not accustomed to strenuous heart pumping calorie shedding exercises.

(Successful Marriages and families: Proclamation Principles and Research Perspectives= Chapter 23)

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