Once upon a time, there was a King with many children. He loved them all dearly and wanted them to have all that he has. Knowing that their spiritual growth could only grow so much in his presence he sent them off into the world to grow for themselves and become the King's and Queen's they were destined to be. Like any loving Father he did not send them off on their own, he sent his eldest son to carve out a road for his brother's and sisters to travel down. The King also sent his most loyal knight out into the world to watch over and protect his children, guiding them through the hard times and lighting the road when it seems too dark to travel down. He also gave them a way to ask for guidance and receive counsel; Anxiously he waits for messages from his children eager to wrap his arms of love around their shoulders and send gifts of peace and happiness. But because the King is so loving he will never step in, he will wait for his children to reach out to him. You are a royal daughter of a Heavenly King and it's time for you to let go.... and Let God in.....

     We are all spirit daughter's of a Heavenly King and as sister's in Zion we can work together to help each other reach that eternal destination that waits us at the end of our travels. Today I am going to talk about the ABC's of happiness, hopefully these will be easy steps for us to work on in our own lives and ways that we can reach out to help our sister's. So without further Ado, let's get started!!!
A- Accept your reality: A key place for each of us to start is by accepting the reality of who you really are. Last week I talked about a great talk given by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf. In that talk he tells us of our divine heritage, "Be strong and of good courage. You are truly royal spirit daughters of an Almighty God. You are princesses, destined to become queens..."
B- Be present.... Be bold: Remember to live now, live currently, live today. The past is wonderful, the future has so much to offer.... But the here and now that's a gift from God that we need to enjoy, hence it's name..... The Present. Be bold, don't hide in your shell enjoy every day, learn and grow from your trials and dont let one single moment pass you by.
C- Create something exciting: Use the gifts and talents that God has given you, dont burry them and keep them to yourself. Create and enjoy! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhLlnq5yY7k)
D- Drink plenty of water.... Dance: One of my favorite quotes comes from an anonymous author and it goes, "Dont' wait for the storm to pass, learn to dance in the rain." 
E- Exercise daily.... Eat fresh foods: Obey the word of wisdom, stay healthy and respect the body you have been given, When you follow these three steps you are more free and your body can do wonders :)
F- Feel your emotions, face your fears: Don't let your emotions get the better of you, but dont hide them either. Let the emotions come in their right times and be brave enough to take that leap of faith when you dont know where you will land.
G- Go outside and observe nature: Breath the fresh air, run, walk, hike, lay int he grass and enjoy the flowers. Take advantage of the world around you.
H- Hug often, Help others: In a medical article I read once it said, 
"In a world that has grown more complicated, more fierce in the demands made upon our hearts and pocket books, there is one easy, free gift left. The power of touch. Don’t turn away from the elderly, disabled, terminally ill or long term care residents because their needs seem beyond your ability to give. The one thing they need the most is the most simple, yet profound gift you have to give. Your kind hand holding theirs and a hug from your heart. The gift of touch is the most powerful healing you can offer another, and it is the most powerful healing you can give yourself." 
I- Ignite your passions
J- Jump though your comfort zone
K- Kiss passionately, Keep moving forward: “You can wake up every day looking forward to new adventures with hope smiling brightly before you because you have a Savior. You are baptized in His Church.... You just need to stay in, pressing forward with a brightness of hope to your heavenly home.”  -Sister Julie B. Beck

L- Laugh, Love, Learn to let go: If we keep holding onto all of our yesterday's we will have no more room in our arms for all the many tomorrows we have left to come.
M- Meditate Daily, Make goals: Give yourself somewhere to work for and take the time to reflect on the blessings you have been given. Dont forget to be grateful for God's hand in you life.
N- Never give up on what you want
O- Own a pet, observe beauty: There is so much beauty in this world, dont let it all pass by without taking a moment to enjoy it.
P- Pray, Paint, Play an instrument: 
Q- Quit a bad habit, Quiet your mind
R- Read, Relax, Reinvent yourself
S- Smile, Sleep, Simplify: "To simplify is to care for the life of the soul" - Carolyn J. Rasmus "Taking time alone to think and pray is all too rare in a busy and fast-moving world. It just doesn't happen if it isn't consciously programmed into life." - Virginia H. Pearce
Senior year some friends: hope this picture makes you smile as much as it makes me smile :)
T- Take power naps, talk wisely
U- Unleash your strengths
V- Visualize your dreams: "Single-minded concentration in the direction of your dreams intensifies your desires and increases your self-
confidence."  - Brian Tracy
W- Walk, write, watch the sunset: "When our children were very small, I started to write down a few things about what happened every day….I wrote down a few lines every day for years. I never missed a day no matter how tired I was or how early I would have to start the next day. Before I would write, I would ponder this question: “Have I seen the hand of God reaching out to touch us or our children or our family today?” As I kept at it, something began to happen. As I would cast my mind over the day, I would see evidence of what God had done for one of us that I had not recognized in the busy moments of the day."
-Henry B. Eyring
X- Xerox your smiling face
Y- Yell less, Yield your thoughts
Z- Zap negativity
     Remember the reason you were sent on this wondrous journey and dont forget that God wants you to be happy, because you my dear were born to be a Queen.

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    Kayla Morrill

    I am so glad that you are visiting my blog!!!! I have created this blog in hopes to uplift women from all backgrounds and remind you that you are a daughter of a Heavenly King, you have a divine heritage and you have the potential to do many marvelous things in this life as well as the life to come.. I believe in the worth of women and I want all women to embrace life and recognize the blessing that they are.

    I love you all so very much!!!


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