I love this cartoon, because it makes me laugh so much- but seriously how true is this? At one point or another we find ourselves a little scared to step on that scale and look at the number. I know that I am constantly comparing myself to others, every time I walk past a mirror or window I ALWAYS look at my reflection and then I look around at all other women comparing what I see as my worst qualities to what I see as their best qualities. I am a big boned girl, In no way am I over weight but I often times feel that way when I am standing next to a petite girl. One of my very best friends, Kelsey, is very petite and has very small bones. I remember looking at her many times in high school thinking, "Gosh, if she only knew what I would do to have a body like that!" But how could I???? Its not like I can just diet my bones away or take a pill that will shrink them down to the desired size! No what I can do is become comfortable in my own skin. Whether that comes from telling myself daily affirmations and reminding myself how beautiful I am- doing daily toning exercises- becoming more active to release those happy hormones that make you feel good about yourself.

     One thing that most women need to realize is that we are all beautiful, in our own way! Beauty is all in the eye of the beholder- really there are no written guidelines and rules to what makes a beautiful woman- but I'm gonna write some for you. If you can check off everything on my list than you are a beautiful woman, if you cant than make it a goal to be able to check off everything- because you deserve to have that realization that you are Beautiful!!!!!
  1. I know that God loves me for who I am. I also know that he created me perfectly because he is a perfect being who does not make mistakes.
  2. I can smile each and every day. And when I wake up in the morning I can look myself in the eye and be proud of the woman looking back. 
  3. I greet myself with "Hey Good Looking!" every morning to remind myself just how cute I really am!
  4. I can walk out the door every morning feeling confident and comfortable with who I am and how I look.
  5. I know that I am different, I am not "perfect" by the world's standards, I am not a size 0- But I also know that I love myself for who I am, I have power to do anything I put my mind to and I my own unique self.
     Many women associate fitness just with loosing the weight and bringing the numbers on the scale down. And honestly that is about 60% of it- but the other 40% is to boost how you view yourself and to allow you to feel healthy. But still people only see fitness as a way to loose weight and keep yourself looking good. Hundreds of women define themselves (and their feelings) by the digitalized number that stares them back on that little white plastic square that sits in their bathroom. But what they don't realize is the important stuff.... A.K.A what the scale doesn't tell you.

     The scale doesn't tell you how awesome you are for being able to lift 8 pounds instead of 5 pounds, or being able to climb that flight of stairs without getting winded   how you can play out in the yard with your kids for hours on end, or how you can cook an amazing healthy meal that gets your family wanting to eat at home more!  The scale also doesn't tell you how fabulous you are for scoring that huge promotion at work, taking time out of a busy day to call a friend in need, holding the door open, lending a listening ear, helping a child with homework or volunteering in your community. I hope you are starting to get my point, YOU are more than the digitalized number on your scale!!!! YOU are a fun- loving, smart, sassy, healthy, beautiful woman- YOU HAVE WORTH JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!!!!!

     If you get anything out of this post today, I hope it's that- You are beautiful, you have worth, you are magnificent just how you are and the scale shouldn't have to say 125, or 152.7 or even 214 to feel good about yourself.  I hope you can enjoy the body that you have and learn to love the reflection that stares you back in the eye!

10/11/2012 03:59:31

Thanks Kayla, I needed this one today. Love ya always

10/11/2012 09:54:37

Kayla, You are amazing! Every single woman should be reading your blog!!!

10/24/2012 06:01:22

Wow Kayla! I love what you have created for women to get inspired. You are so creative and know just what a woman needs! Your ideas are very similar to what I am putting together in my eBook. So neat! Thanks for sharing this with me.

9/28/2015 11:13:21

your habits well, which is why young people and have a good health.


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